“” When we win all of these national awards…  first in the nation, first in the state…it never gets old, it never gets tiring. that’s our ninth one.” – Pete Bowers

I was able to visit my ‘new’ old high school, Bloomfield Hills High School (formerly known as Andover High School) and join in on the resident student radio station WBFH The Biff for their 39th Annual Biffstock Pledge Drive.

old biff

Being on staff when I was in high school was one of the most unique experiences that I will never forget. Can you see me? No? Good.


It was my first appearance and I forgot my clips… crooked crown for the win!

You can listen to The Biff during show hours to catch some talented high school students talk about current events, sports and entertainment. Tune in on 88.1 on the AM dial, 89.5 on the FM dial (!! something new since I was on staff!) or online at www.wbfh.fm.

I not only got to take some photos of the semi-new station before they settle into their new home once the official Bloomfield Hills High School opens, but got to catch up with station managers Pete Bowers and Ron Wittebols:

biffstock 2

these guys submitted great stuff, the judges agreed and we kicked butt. It’s become our reputation that we do award winning stuff and that would be a reason that people should be listening to our station.

“Every single time a new student goes on the air for the first time, that’s the highlight. it never gets old because these youngsters are empowered. And you have to realize, the FM dial has a finite amount of stations and you’re putting these youngsters on the same dial position as all of these middle aged people. So it’s the quickest way to elevate them to adulthood and compete with commercial broadcasters. That never gets old.” -Ron Wittebols

biffstock 5

I’ve always maintained that this is the best lab class you can have. Because all of your disciplines: reading, writing, conflict resolution, it’s all right here.

“I remember Joanne Purtan’s first broadcast. I remember Heather Catallo’s newscast, first show and now I watch them every day on television. Scott Anderson took this class on a whim because I think he just needed to BE somewhere and caught the newscaster bug. There are so few high school radio stations and by the time they go to college for this they’re already that much farther up the ladder. We are here to provide them the tools they need” – Pete Bowers

biffstock 4

“What do we need the most? … an office.. oh no, don’t go there!”

biffstock 3

“What frustrates you the most?” “It frustrates me that this is not a commercial radio station because some of these kids can go out and compete with the professionals and charge for commercials to support this station in perpetuity.”


Join one of the staff members Leanna as DJ Bling every Thursday from 7-9pm for her show DJ Bling in the Evening!

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